Productive Lives

Question 1
Sustainable development is an approach that attempts to ensure that future generations are able to live full and productive lives. In your own words, define sustainability; then, suggest at least one (1) way that sustainability can be achieved. Next, describe at least one (1) factor that is necessary for sustainable development.

Think about two (2) questions about the natural world that the scientific method is unable to address, and then explain why you believe those questions can’t be addressed. In your response, be sure to provide examples that support your rationale.

Ecosystem boundaries are often difficult to define with precision. Describe one (1) characteristic and boundary of the ecosystem in which you live, with consideration of the following:

The location and productivity of the producers that support your ecosystem

The food web that supports your life

Debate whether or not you believe that the earth can support a human population of 8 to 10 billion sufficiently to provide a decent standard of living to them all. Why or why not? Next, in your own words specify what constitutes a decent standard of living to you; then, describe two (2) factors that you believe limit our ability to ensure those conditions for everybody.

Question 2

Cloud computing is becoming the trend. Discuss pros and cons of this technology based on your personal/work experience and research. What do you see as a major challenge for the future of Cloud? What are the security challenges and regulatory requirements to consider with Cloud computing? How does Cloud computing create opportunities or challenges for business continuity?

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