Production Strategy


1. If you were a production planner for a Cessna tire manufacturer, what would be the vital elements in your material requirements plan (MRP)?

2. Describe a business that would use a chase production strategy. Why does the chase production process work best for this company? 


 What is the current budget of United States? What is the share of health care in budget? What is the share of national defense/ military? 

Note: Minimum 2 references


*** UNDER 200 Words *** NO References/Citations Needed ***

What is the FED’s job and how does the FED manage the money supply? How do banks create money? Let’s explore these questions as we talk about the role of the Federal Reserve Bank, also known as the FED.

Reply to these questions in your post:

  • • If the FED decides to continue the process of raising interest rates, what is the likely response of firms and households to the increased cost of borrowing?
  • • Thinking back to the discussion on the deficit and the debt, how might an increase in the interest rate affect a decision by the government to allow continued large deficits?

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