Production and Distribution

Choose one of the CSR challenges described below. Write a paper as described.

1. Food industry and public health – read the articles (see these uploaded files) about how food companies try to influence government nutrition policies. How do you think nutrition guidelines and school lunches should be designed and regulated?

What role do you think the food industry should play? What is their social responsibility? If you wanted to ensure that government nutrition guidelines and school lunches were developed based on objective nutrition science, how might you organize a stakeholder campaign to move in that direction?

Using no more than 750 words, describe who the key stakeholders are, and which stakeholder(s) would be most effective. Describe what you would want your designated stakeholder(s) to do. What are some specific goals you could identify? How would you evaluate success? What are metrics you could use in your campaign?

2. Wells Fargo Hall at UCSD – Wells Fargo has been found guilty of massive ethics violations including setting up fake accounts in the name of unknowing customers, and much more (see the presentation from Class #1.) If you think it’s inappropriate for a School of Management at UCSD to have Wells Fargo’s name on one of its premier classroom buildings, how could you persuade the University to take the name off?

Who are the stakeholders? What might be effective in creating this change? Describe what a campaign might look like to remove the WF name from the building.

3. CSR Labels – Should consumer products be required to identify the environmental footprint associated with their production, distribution and sale?

Similar to nutrition labels that mandate certain information to be provided to consumers, should clothing, vehicles, furniture, appliances, and other retail goods have labels that show CSR-related information such as how much CO2 was emitted and how much water, raw materials, and energy were used; and/or how much workers were paid who made the product?

If so, how would you try to make that happen? Would you start with a voluntary or mandatory program? What stakeholders should be involved? What would a campaign look like?

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