Product , Price And Packaging


Global Enterprise Paper. We are in a group and I was assigned to write about Wahoos Tacos Franchise and we are opening it to Norway. I was assigned a section to write about for about 2 1/4 page paper on product and packaging, and price.


– Product & packaging (Ruka)

(Choice of any protein)

-Citrus Slaw Taco

-The 1988 Taco

-Crispy Fish Taco


-Wahoo’s original target segment was aimed towards surfers with its affordable pricing.

-First founded in Costa Mesa, California.

Price (address issues of in-market cost/price-escalation) & Promotion (Ruka)

-All at an affordable price of just $4.67!

-Social Media Integration (Promote on Social Media)

-Buy 2 tacos get one free

-Free Delivery on Ubereats, Doordash, Postmates when you order within X minutes.

-We also can give special offers(such as cheaper tacos, or free drinks, chips,…) for Taco Friday nights to promote our product better.

*Promotions we can do to attract more customers?

Price Escalation- -As we can see from our Product Fit & Competition, the demand for the seafood compared to any other food type is much higher in demand.

-Thus, bringing in Wahoo’s will significantly attract customers in Norway which will then result in the cost to escalate.

-Stronger Demand/Higher Prices

Here is kind of what everyone has written down on the project outline. Just thought this may also help.

Here is kind of like the template of the paper and we basically divided our parts into 5 and I was assigned to write on the Product and Packaging, Price, and lastly Promotions

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