Product Leadership

Question 1

The thermostat in your house or   apartment services the following purpose:

a. it measures the efficiency of your heating system

b. it controls your heating system

c. it collects data about the temperature in your house/apartment

d. it saves you money

Question 2

The MISM 2301 Start Here folder   in Blackboard is important to me as a student in this course because..

a. it provides the answers to some homework assignments

b. it provides learning tools to help me master the use of the MIS Integrative Framework

c. it provides shortcuts to doing MIS 2701 assignments

d. it has a lot of useful administrative information, like the Syllabus and Master Schedule

· Question 3

In applying the MIS Integrative Framework to, you   would categorize Amazon’s business focus as…


a. customer intimate

b. operational excellence

c. all of the responses to this question

d. product leadership

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