Procurement Plan

Select and research an organization that will be the subject of the Procurement Plan Project that you will be working on during this course. Provide the following:

  • An introduction and description of your choice organization, characterizing it as either a government (public) or a commercial (private) entity  
  • A breakdown of the procurement process for this kind of organization  
  • An analysis of how the procurement process for your organization differs from its commercial or government counterpart 


Summarize the consequences of taking cultural relativism seriously when you try to live in your life in accordance with the NDNU Hallamrks of Learning . Cite the source you used to learn the meaning of cultural relativism.


This module discusses individual and family-related interventions. Discuss the role of individuals and families in changing health behaviors. Drawing from your own personal experiences, provide examples of how individuals or families can aid and hinder a person’s intention to change his/her health behavior.

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