Procurement Management

Question 1

DETAILS: For this assignment, you will work to assess a case study that relates to problems or issues with project procurement management. Your job will be to put on your sleuth hat, grab the magnifying glass, and closely examine the scenario. You will be asked to think critically and draw upon your insights, experience, knowledge to give your perspective on the situation. This requires careful thought, independent research, and application of your knowledge. Case studies are based upon real world scenarios and give you an opportunity to step into the shoes of those who lived through them.

REQUIRED ACTIONS (Individual Assignment): 
Please chose one of the case studies below (Case Study #1 or Case Study #2) and use the questions listed below as guidelines for developing a holistic response. Treat your submission as though you reviewed the case and have generated a thorough report on the situation. approximately 900 words.When developing your response, address the questions holistically rather than individually.

These questions are only guidelines and should provide inspiration and a minimum baseline of the ideas you should cover but not limit you in your thinking or reply.

Use proper APA style under the “general formatting ” guidelines. The paper should be neat, easy to read without spelling or grammar errors. Include title page and references.

No separate abstract required, instead incorporate a synopsis into your paper (see questions below for more details)Cite at least two references other than the required or optional readings/videos. 

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