Process Mapping Techniques

Question 1

FlashBest is a major electronic equipment manufacturer in Asia Pacific, based on market share. With a customer base of over 300 customers spanning more than 15 countries in the region, customer satisfaction is a key strategic focus for the company. However, FlashBest has been receiving an increasing number of customer complaints on wrong parts delivered and the President of the company is extremely concerned. He has heard many success stories on how Lean Six Sigma can lead to improved business performance and is keen to apply Lean Six Sigma to tackle this quality issue on wrong parts delivered.

The order to delivery process in FlashBest is summarised in Figure 3.

Screenshot from 2018-10-12 17-03-33

Figure 3: Order to Delivery Process for FlashBest

(a)  With the aid of suitable illustrations, examine how FlashBest can apply the following process mapping techniques in sequence to identify potential root causes of the quality problem of wrong parts delivered:

  •  SIPOC Diagram
  •  Swimlane Diagram
  •  Spaghetti Diagram

Question 2

Describe the Micro environment of a car manufacturing industry. Explain how the forces in this environment may affect the operations of a car negatively?.

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