Problem of Practice

The problem of practice is to train leaders to train and ask themselves: “Why do I do what I do?”
Instructions from professor:
Attached is an updated TIP sheet with comments. With the level heading please follow the level one, then twos, which technically isn’t APA but there isn’t a way around this.
For length, I will allow up to 5 pages not including the annotated references. If you use a visual you may have one additional page. What I will look for in these is your logic, to our conversations in class yesterday, why did you select the theorie(s) you used, how are you cross-walking your problem of practice into that and to what end, and what are the GUIDING questions for your research. As we discussed, as a researcher you have decisions to make and the TIP should show me what those are and why.

The three annotated references must be peered review (academic) Clark and Estes Gap Analysis centered. One of them must be from the book “Turning Research into Results” by Richard Clark and Fred Estes

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