Problem Nature

 In Chapter 9 we are learning about Leading Others. If you are a  manager or want to be a manager how do want to lead people? How would  you lead a project? How would you lead the people on a project? Think  about your former experiences in positions you have had and use examples  if you can. 

Organization: UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

Minimum of 12 pages, APA Style Template

1. Introduction Page.
2. What is the nature of the problem?
3. What are the causes of the problem?
4. How can OB concepts be applied and extended to solve the problem?
5. What specific action steps should the organization take to solve the problem? What changes should be implemented?
6. What are the potential barriers, obstacles, and challenges to following your recommendations?
7. What are the risks, costs, and possible unintended consequences of following your recommendations?
8. How will you communicate your findings to your clients and overcome potential resistance? 



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