Private Investors

Question 1

Produce a business plan on the following-

As a start-up entrepreneur, seeking funding for a new venture in your chosen industry, you have to compile a business plan to convince private investors to provide the start-up capital required. The private investors need to be convinced that you have a thorough understanding of the business idea and the process involved in starting up. As the proposed venture is human resource dependent, it is critical to set out how that aspect will be managed from the outset. You need to underpin your report with established models, frameworks and theories.

You should address the following issues in your report-

  •  Demonstrate your understanding of the industry.
  •  Business idea explained.
  •  Strategy envisaged in setting up.
  •  Set out of the process- timelines, budgets, etc.
  •  Experience/skills of those involved.
  •  Identification of core competencies and competitive advantage.
  •  Identify challenges/opportunities that may arise.
  •  Display conviction and knowledge throughout.

Question 2

Describe the responsibilities of the New Zealand Registered Nurse in relation to the NZNO Code of Ethics.

Discuss ethical principles (or underlying values) 1 “Autonomy” and 2 “Beneficence” of this code in relation to the registered nurse’s role.

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