Prime Location

1. Check only the strengths the restaurant believes to have:

A. Prime location with easy access to major road.

B. Exceptional customer service.

C. Existence of customer base.

D. Existing relationships with vendors

E. Large selection of specials ready to roll

F. Cheap labor

G. High margins

2. Mark all market trends identified on the business plan.

A. Locally sourced meats and seafood

B. Internationally sourced produce.

C. Nutritious kids’ dishes

D. Gourmet cuisine

3. Mark all the main competitors identified on the business plan:

A. Hedarys restaurant

B. Applebees

C. Chili’s

D. Pizza Hut

4. The administration is seriously considering the purchase of a POS, as that will help them with the following reports (mark all that apply):

A. Daily Cash Control

B. Weekly Prime Cost Report

C. Future Services

D. Purchasing Records/Payables

E. Payroll Processing

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