Primate Family Tree

Question 1

Because this is an anthropology course, we are studying humans. Part of studying humans is studying the entire Primate order and examining how humans became human. With that in mind, the assignment this week involves recreating the Primate family tree (diagram). There are several examples of the most accepted versions in your textbook. Using these as models, create a phylogenetic tree. You must draw a tree (either free hand or computer generated) that includes the following:

1) Name of the group.

2) Estimated divergent times between primate groups.

3) Characteristics that define the split (why/how are they different).

Question 2

Please write 2, 200 word discussions on the questions listed below. For each question, you must include at least 2 sources, and it must be 200+ words .

1) Discuss how groundwater gets recharged in southern California.

2) Hypothesize on why the bigger plates on Earth tend to have the highest movement velocities. Support your theory with some empirical data (cite your resources).

Question 3

1.Summarize the features of the earth’s atmosphere.What are the main gases?Be sure to name the various layers.What is a temperature inversion and what layer(s) can an inversion occur in besides the troposphere?

2. Outline the four stages of development of earth’s atmosphere.Be sure to include what gases were present in each and what rocks were deposited (if any) based on the environmental changes.

3. You recently bought a radio at a garage sale. The radio is old and doesn’t work very well. You have a difficult time getting a station during the day. You are just about to throw out the radio when late at night you turn it on. It gets perfect reception and sounds crystal clear. Using what you have learned about the ionosphere and radio waves in the lessons, explain why the radio works at night and does not work during the day.

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