Preventable Conditions


1 In Food, Inc., whose responsibility do you think it is to inform us about what is in our food?  Is it our responsibility to find out, the producer’s responsibility to make it more clear, or both? Why do you think so?

2 What lifestyle changes have adults made in recent decades that have improved outcomes with preventable conditions?

3 Provide five examples of characteristics of effective health education curricula.

Please use sources from this textbook 

McKenzie, J.F., Pinger, R.R., & Seabert, D.M. (2018). An Introduction to Community & Public Health (9th ed.). 


Write the situation that can be modeled by the following linear system. Explain what each variable means, then write a related problem. Attempt to solve this problem by guessing at the values of x and y. For example,100 and 30 add to 130,but do they satisfy the other equation? Try similar sets of numbers to find the set that satisfies both.

x+y =130 x-y = 10

An artist was commissioned to make a 500-g statue composed of 60 % tin. She has 70 % tin alloy and 30 % tin alloy available. What mass of each alloy is required to produce the desired alloy? Use an elimination method to solve this problem.

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