Presentation Analysis

Question 1

The Writing Prompt: Write a 6 page proposal for one way to address a food-related ethical problem on your campus or in the community. Use the following questions for guidance:

• What is a serious, food related ethical problem that needs to be fixed on our campus?

• What is a plausible solution that would best address this problem?

• Why is your solution the most ethical way to address the problem? What ethical principle(s) guide your solution?

• What objections do you expect to face from your intended audience? How can you address their concerns?

• What is at stake in this solution? What should your audience do with your proposal? 

Question 2

Check out some of your favorite foods. Anything surprise you on the label? For example….How much sugar is in your favorite cereal? How much sodium is in your bread? How much sodium is in your deli meat or frozen meals? How much saturated fat is in your favorite restaurant meal? How much fiber is in your favorite apple? Does your yogurt have sugar substitute? What’s in your favorite late night snack? You do not need to answer these specific questions as these are just ideas. Pick a favorite food/s or meal from your favorite restaurant and check out nutrition facts with online menu. One original post required.

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