Prescriptive Article

Pick an article that covers an event or a case and is a good demonstration of the concepts or theories discussed in that textbook chapter. Be sure to choose an article that covers an event or a case rather than a prescriptive article (eg., The 5 best ways to XXX) as the purpose of this assignment is to be able to find examples of theoretical concepts in real companies of the world.

Articles in business magazines such as Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times, Forbes, The Economist or others may be used. Make sure the article you choose is dated January 1, 2016 or later in order to keep yourself and the class more up to date on business affairs. If needed, you may reference several articles that are covering the same event/issue to obtain a more complete picture. Write a 2-page report both summarizing the article and, more importantly, explaining how the article demonstrates core concepts or theories in the textbook.

How is the article of your choice relevant to what we are learning in Business Strategy? You must demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of the relevant concept/theory and explain the connections of the article to the teachings of the textbook. This is particularly important because the article may not use the same vocabulary or the same framework as the ones we learned in class to describe the event.

However, having learned the theoretical framework/concept, you should be able to identify the underpinnings of different business events and what the fundamental issues are. More specific grading details can be found in the Assignments area in Canvas. This will account for 40 of the points.

Company: GOOGLE

Chapter Concept: Organizational Culture

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