Pre-marital Sex


Many school districts in the country attach the idea of shame to pre-marital sex and limit sex education to abstinence-only information. How does this impact people, particularly children, who are sexually abused? Does it impair the ability of victims to provide notice to police and others about being sexually abused? How does misinformation about human sexuality impede the ability of criminologists, police and prosecutors to uncover crimes related to sexual assault and sexual exploitation, particularly in adolescents?

Write a 5 to 7 page research paper on one of the following topics. You should have a reference page that is not included in the 5-7 page limit. You must use no less than 5 resources. Wikipedia will not be considered a source. Both in-text and post-text citations are required. They should be noted in Chicago Style. A reference guide for Chicago Style citations is posted on the course website. Please note the question you are answering.

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