Practical test

Book: educational testing & Measurement 10ed Tom Kubiszyn

Question 1

Define Criterion referenced and Norm referenced assessment.

Question 2

What are the considerations in writing effective learning outcomes?

Question 3

Define mean, median and mode.

How do you calculate the mean,  median and mode for a data set?

What is the most frequently used measure of central tendency?

Question 4

What are some different ways of graphically representing data?

When would we need to use grouped frequency distribution?

Question 5

What is the difference between range, variance and standard deviation? How are they related?

How do you calculate standard deviation?

Question 6

What statistics should you use to represent a data set?

Question 7

What could mean and standard deviation tell you about the distribution of scores?

Question 8

How is correlation expressed? Describe the scatter plot for two variables that are positively, negatively correlated. What would a scatter plot for variables with low correlation look like?

Question 9

Does correlation mean causation? Why?

Question 10

How are standardized tests different from the tests developed by individual teachers?

Question 11

What are some best practices for assessment?

Question 12

What assessment approaches could you consider other than a test?

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