Power and Resources

Question 1

After watching the Rebels in the Pipeline video, discuss here your impressions about power and resources in the Niger Delta. Your initial responses will likely be that all the powerful people in government and the oil companies are evil and corrupt, and the villagers are passive victims. Try to go past that a bit.

What options for protest are available to people who are most marginalized by the activities, that include corruption and mismanagement and outright neglect, of the government and oil companies? You might also explore why this is such as the extreme case in Nigeria, whereas many other places that are also oil-rich, do not have this kind of situation. Finally, consider the agency, or the ability to act, that villagers do have. What examples do you see in the video where people assert their ability to act or protect others? These can be very nuanced actions…

Question 2

Assignment Chapter 8: Deformation and Metamorphism


  • Understand the concepts of confining and differential stress (compression, tension, and shear).
  • Understand the difference between brittle and plastic deformation
  • Acquire criteria for identifying basic types of folds and faults
  • Understand the concept of metamorphism and their associated physical and chemical processes.
  • Understand the difference between contact and regional metamorphism, and contrast the different conditions of pressure and temperature at which they occur.
  • Understand and identify the geological context for different types of metamorphism.

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