Poverty and Human Security


  1. Answer one of the two questions below (if you answer both, only the first answer in your document will be graded). Type your answer in a Word document and upload to Blackboard. Do not type directly into the box. If you do not use Word, you can upload a PDF.
  2. This is an “open book” exam. You may consult class material during your preparation, and you must refer to readings and lectures in your answer. Even if you do not directly quote class material, you should cite the class material from where you get your ideas. An answer that does not refer to class material will not get a good grade (see rubric). For purposes of this assignment only, you can use a simplified citation, as follows (you are welcome to use the full Chicago author-date format as instructed in the syllabus if you wish):
    1. For readings, refer to them simply by first author last name and page number if direct quote. Put the reference in parenthesis after the applicable sentence, but before any final periods. For example, a reference to the textbook should look like this (Spear, p. 2) or (Spear).
    1. For material from lectures, simply put: (lecture). No date or class is necessary.
  3. Make sure that you answer the question posted in full. The goal of this test is to assess your understanding of the class material. It is not an opinion piece, nor should you rely on non-class material unless specifically instructed to do so.
  4. You do not need an introduction or conclusion per se. The first paragraph of your answer should succinctly and clearly state your argument (which is your response to the question). Following paragraph(s) should provide the evidence in support of your answer, from the course material.
  5. Make sure that you proofread your answer and correct spelling or grammar mistakes. Grammar, spelling, and organization will affect your grade. If you need help with your writing, you are encouraged to use the university’s writing center: https://writingcenter.gmu.edu/.
  6. There is no hard word limit (minimum or maximum) as such, but aim for at least 500 words and no more than 1,000 words (for the sake of comparison, this entire handout, without the rubric, is about 500 words).

Questions (answer one):

  1. “Poverty is a choice.” Using three examples from Part III of the semester (April 5 through May 5), explain why this sentiment is misguided (or not—your choice of argument). Make sure you explain each example with reference to specific class materials (readings/lectures) and you explicitly link the example to why poverty is not a choice (or is).
  2. Using three examples of your choice from any point of the semester—but at least one example must be from Part III—explain with examples (from readings/lectures) why “human security” (as distinct from state and national security) is necessary in today’s world?

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