Postpartum Depression

Four Pages APA that follow the enclosed directions straight from the class. The paper will follow the format of the enclosed outline and include the advocacy plan that is enclosed into the writing… The Advocacy plan is currently not in APA ( double Spacing ect. ) but does not need referenced. Remember to follow the outline and do not over reference use your own words and opinions when necessary to follow the outline. All references that can be use are included so no outside resources are to allowed since the articles and books have been approved from the instructor as part of our grade for researching the material.


Due Sunday at 6pm pacific standard time, please utilize correct grammar and spelling

Here are some articles and information I was able to find.. I have a few things I scan as well that get passed out at the hospitals. Its not much but its a current pamphlet on postpartum.

Great article in my mind this is very thorough on the effects, causes, symptoms and remedies

( somewhat…) 🙂


That link above copy and paste it if clicking on it doesnt work.  That one will lead you directly to a nursing care plan which is Nursing Care Plan 22.1 which starts on page 685 if for some reason it doesnt go straight to it… and is roughly ten pages. Really great medical information from the source.


This is a thorough article on the effects of postpartum depression and early interactions, parenting ( that’s vague i didn’t like that ) and safety practices. It turns out to be a very interesting collaborative gathering of the effects that can be long term due to the inadequate feelings that are being passed to not only a baby but even the effects later on if the depression continues.


This article is more update and reminds me of a cosmo posi attitude type of help that diffutes the possibilities of losing the bonding time with your child or the effects that it has on both. It basically is stating to stay on course that nature in time will create that opportunity if you keep at it keep patient and realize that all babies bond at a different time as well as the mother, it is however a more realistic view perhaps for the everyday mom who is on the go and catching a occasionally break and seeing some reassure information that can go a long way.


This next article basically starts right from the beginning stating the negative effects that inadequate bonding can have throughout maturation as well as the initial immediate impact it has on both the child and the parent.


How Postpartum Depression Affects Your Baby


Well besides the last one below that is it… hopefully at least some of those articles work to pull a quick outline… let me know if I need a format to assist with that and or header topics..


Page # four had the below, its very small tidbit.


Factors That May Affect Bonding


Bonding may be delayed for various reasons. Parents-to-be may form a picture of their baby having certain physical and emotional traits. When, at birth or after an adoption, you meet your baby, reality might make you adjust your mental picture. Because a baby’s face is the primary tool of communication, it plays a critical role in bonding and attachment.


Hormones can also significantly affect bonding. While nursing a baby in the first hours of life can help with bonding, it also causes the outpouring of many different hormones in mothers. Sometimes mothers have difficulty bonding with their babies if their hormones are raging or they have postpartum depression. Bonding can also be delayed if a mom’s exhausted and in pain following a prolonged, difficult delivery.


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