Positive Associations

Question 1

As we’ve learned this week, brands signal customers by giving them information about predictability in their purchases. Brands each have their own associations and personalities. In your post, identify some of the associations and personalities that are linked with the following brands: Oscar Mayer, Dell, and Sketchers.

  • What are they?
  • How do they differ?
  • Are there any similarities?

As you are making your postings about these brands, you should consider both positive and negative associations.For example, Skechers received an extensive amount of negative publicity when it was sued for its “deceptive advertising”. negative associations.Since several years have passed since the lawsuit, will consumers remember this or will they have short memories and forget about it?

Question 2

In your own words, explain what is the meaning of push- versus pull-oriented promotional strategies.

Give an illustration using either a supermarket or a retail outlet and explain which elements of your chosen company’s marketing communication mix embody “push” and which embody “pull”.

Write about 200-250 words.

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