Position Statement

Question 1


(1)Each member of the team is expected to find 3 additional current (within the past 2 years) research articles from peer reviewed journals. Those can be in support of the team’s “truism”, or in objection to it.

(2)The student is to prepare an annotated bibliography of those 3 sources, and a 1-2 page reflection paper, regarding the learning experience associated with the team’s work. The reflection has to address both the process and the content of the team’s work.

Question 2

NAEYC’s position statement on inappropriate practices in Kindergarten includes the following:

“Delaying children’s entry into school and/or segregating them into extra-year classes actually labels children as failures at the outset of their school experience.”

For this assignment you will need to: (1) take a position on the statement (agree/disagree) and (2) discuss the role of the preschool teacher in determining whether or not a child should be academically redshirted. Post a video response on the course blog. This is an individual assignment and your response should be substantive and include information from the readings and videos included in the module. Beyond posting your own response, you will also need to comment on the posts of three of your classmates. Make sure to review the grading rubric to see how your assignment will be scored.

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