Portfolio Assignment

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This is a project which is designed to allow students an opportunity to apply coursework directly to a real life situation.

As a fund manager you have been approached by John and Gloria to build them a portfolio. On questioning the individuals it is clear that they need income but are also desirous of capital growth. Both John and Gloria are generally “risk averse” but would like some percentage of the investment into “risky assets”. We will discuss more specifics in class but it is your role to:

1. Recommend a diversified portfolio for your clients using actual instruments and current market data and provide a rationale as to why this portfolio is best suited for them. You will need to make some assumptions as well as articulate the types of questions you asked your clients.

2. Provide any specific information to the clients on aspects of the portfolio, eg, industry characteristics, valuation issues, risk and volatility, taxation….

3. Compute and report on the return of the individual assets as well as the portfolio. For example you may form the portfolio on September 26 and measure the return on December 5.

4. Provide any other information as needed, for example, decisions to change the composition of your portfolio.

write an executive summary, economic outlook, strategy active vs passive and portfolio analysis

lets say John and Gloria have 1000,000 $ and they want to invest in stocks 70% and bonds 30 %

in any industry lets say international stocks or bonds, or insurance

I have to write an executive summary a page and a half, economic outlook, (strategy – active vs passive), individual product + performance, portfolio analysis by using computations such as co-variance or CAPM and etc… and each point can be a page or a page and a half or two pages depending on the information.. Can you do the project like if you were a financial consultant to John and Gloria giving them advice on how to maximize their returns ? thanks


for an executive summary (2 pages), portfolio analysis ( enough to explain page and a half maybe), strategy should be taken ( another page and a half active vs passive), economic outlook (1page), page on individual product, and summary (recommendations) can be half a page maybe. and the industry can be anything lets say Insurance, like progressive for example, the two mentioned in the question are seeking advice from a financial consultant which is me (you)

so hypothetically John and Gloria have 1000000 $ no children, lets say they wanted to invest 70 percent in stocks and the rest on bonds to maximize their investment.

# 3 computations such as co-variance or CAPM for example, someway to prove how we are able to maximize returns.

# 4 are external factors such as ( political, environmental, and etc.. that can affect decision making).

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