Portable Radios

Question 1

Portable radios have been around for quite a long while. But with mp3, smart phones and Spotify how can manufacturers of portable radios stay relevant? In this assignment you will be using the SCAMPER technique to improve the design of a portable radio.

Part A : (17.5 marks)
Use SCAMPER (see Topic 4) to generate ideas for improving the design of the portable radio. Note you should not restrict yourself to just a couple of ideas for each letter in SCAMPER. How you express your ideas is up to you e.g. you can describe them in words or illustrate them. The main requirement is that it is clear to the marker what the idea is.

Question the markers will have in mind are: Does the idea belong to the letter? Have a wide range of interesting ideas been developed for each letter? Are the ideas novel?
Part B : (2.5 marks)
Based on your ideas from Part A, make a recommendation on what you think is the best idea, and explain why you think so? Expand on the idea. Why weren’t other ideas considered? (~400 words) (2.5 marks)

Question 2
As the law stands, minors cannot make contracts.”

Discuss this statement and state the exceptions, if any, in which a contract with a minor is binding.

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