Polyphase Alternator


What is the typical rating of exciter voltage?

A. 25 V

B. 50 V

C. 125 V

D. 400 V


What type of rotors will an engine alternator usually have?

A. Salient-pole rotors with horizontal shafts

B. Salient-pole rotors with vertical shafts

C. Cylindrical rotors with horizontal shafts

D. Cylindrical rotors with vertical shafts

16. Which one of the following voltages is not a typical alternator voltage?

A. 125 VAC

B. 460 VAC

C. 4300 VAC

D. 13,800 VAC


What is an infinite system?

A. An infinite system is one that isn’t connected to a load.

B. An infinite system is one that relies on all alternators to produce the proper voltage and current.

C. An infinite system is one that transmits power over a large network.

D. An infinite system is one that doesn’t rely on the operation of a single alternator.

A static exciter unit will use what type of device to provide DC current to the field windings?

A. Semiconductor rectifier

B. A motor-generator set

C. Static straps

D. A direct-coupled generator


In a two-pole alternator, one cycle of AC power will equal how many electrical degrees?

A. 90°

B. 180°

C. 270°

D. 360°


In a three-phase or polyphase alternator, how are the coils spaced?

A. 90° apart

B. 120° apart

C. 150° apart

D. 180° apart 

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