Politics and Law

Question 1

Consider majority and minority rights in the context of contemporary events involving religion, ethnicity, politics and law. Should religion be an ascribed or an achieved status? How about ethnicity? Why?

Question 2

1. How does Eusebius portray pagan Rome? How is the omen Constantine received before the Battle of Milvian Bridge portrayed by Eusebius as coming from the Christian god? Is there a motive behind Eusebius’s glorification of Constantine’s victory this way? 

2. Do you believe the political and military realties were more complex than Eusebius would have his readers believe?

Question 3

Identify at least two examples of artwork and architecture used in religious worship from Chapter 2: Ancient Near East.

In 500 words, discuss their purpose, iconography and cultural context. Apply new terms. Include the images, or hyperlinks to the images, referenced in your assignment, and utilize APA formatting and citations.

Question 4

The Indian leader Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” What is one change you could make in your life, or something you could do better, that would be meaningful to you and that would help make the world a better place?

Often times religions seem to be at the center of the conflicts and controversies of our world, but many times they work for the good. What is one thing that religions could do to promote understanding in our world? Be specific, and explain your answer thoroughly.

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