Politics and Government of the United States

Section II. Short Answers (section total = 10%)

Answer BOTH questions. Each question is worth 5%. Please number your answers.

  1. According to Lawless (2015), what is a major cause of women’s numeric underrepresentation in US elected office? (1 sentence) Describe the evidence that Lawless presents to support this claim. (3 sentences)
  2. Describe TWO (2) findings in Dalton (2019) that lead him to conclude that the United States and Canada have broadly similar political cultures. (4 sentences)

Section III. Long Answers (section total = 80%)

Answer BOTH questions. Each question is worth 40%. Please number your answers.


• Each answer should be approximately 400 words in length (maximum 500 words). Please type the word count at the end of each answer. • Each answer should follow an essay style, meaning: o An introductory paragraph that clearly answers the question and provides the reader with a brief roadmap for the rest of the essay. o A series of supporting paragraphs. Each supporting paragraph should include a topic sentence—i.e., an opening sentence that clearly states the central point of the paragraph and that connects back to the main argument of your essay. o A concluding paragraph. • Each answer is expected to cite the following four (4) sources: o Two (2) assigned readings from the course syllabus, only one (1) of which can be a textbook chapter; and o Two (2) course lectures • When incorporating these sources into your answers, it is not sufficient to mention them in passing. You will also need to explain how the claims made in these sources support your argument. • Cite your sources in text using the Author-Date format of Chicago-Style. Lectures can be cited in text as (McAndrews 2019) or (McAndrews 2020), depending on the date. • Immediately following each answer, include a reference list of works cited. The reference list does not count against the word limit. Lectures can be referenced as: McAndrews, John. [Year]. “Week X: [Topic].” POL203 lecture.

  1. How has race influenced American politics?
  2. Can US government(s) solve major problems? If yes, why? If not, why not?

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