Political Values


1- Detail the major points for and against the view that there can be a science of politics, providing examples for each view. Explain which view is most persuasive, and why.

2- The “acid test” in the Compare in 1 (p. 8-9) seems to illuminate several different types of political values. Characterize the key types of values in the analysis. Explain your own decision process in weighing the different values and selecting either Gamma or Delta. Explain what additional indicators you would include if you developed your own acid test between countries.

3- Select a particular political phenomenon and describe your cognitive, affective, and evaluative orientations toward that phenomenon. Also explain the key sources of those orientations in terms of authority, personal experience and/or science-based information.

4-  Distinguish conservatism, classical liberalism and socialism in terms of core underlying themes on which they differ.


What is the difference between an unintentional injury and an accident?

Why is it important to make the distinction?

Discuss some strategies for highlighting the difference between accidents and injuries. 

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