Political Levels

Question 1

Research the typical work/life styles and potential career stages of independent restaurant owners and corporate foodservice managers.List the skills that independent owners must have to succeed and the skills that corporate managers must have to succeed.List and contrast the concerns of typical independent restaurant owners and corporate foodservice managers.Make your favored hypothetical career choice between the two and discuss the factors supporting your choice.

  • 600-800 words; essay format
  • File upload, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins
  • Limited spelling and grammatical errors
  • Incorporated at least 1 outside resource with proper APA usage

Question 2

Research minimum wage legislation at various political levels (city, county, state, and federal) and offer thoughts on the effects of minimum wage legislation on workforce and labor market demographics. Discuss the following in your post:

  • How increases to the minimum wage affect hourly restaurant staff demographics
  • The specific segments (e.g., fine dining, fast-casual) of the restaurant industry that would experience the most significant effects of increases to the minimum wage

Complete your post with 2–3 paragraphs per question. Be sure to reply to at least 2 of your peers with a 100-word response each. Incorporate at least 1 link to an outside source with use of proper APA citation.

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