Policy Project Summary

Write a 1-2 paragraph summary of your project. Choose a topic you want to learn more about as it relates to state and local government and particular policies or institutions that interest you. After completing your research, you will write a You will include all sources consulted in a reference section with appropriate citations within the paper as well. The reference list does not count as a part of the word limit. There are myriad topics you may choose from, but here are some extremely broad topics to give you ideas: education, criminal justice, drug regulations, homelessness, environmental challenges, election reform, voting turnout, transportation, housing, arts and culture, etc. Start with a broad topic and then focus on a specific area. For instance, if you’re interested in arts and culture, you might choose to explore the effects of using city taxes to support community art events, like festivals or theater in Lafayette or New Orleans. If you’re interested in drug policy, you might research the regulation of CBD in various communities. If you’re interested in transportation, you might write about how Louisiana’s road funding program compares to other states, or the politics of adding bike lanes to existing roads. These are only a few ideas to get you going. I’m happy to brainstorm ideas with you.

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