Policy Analysis

The policy analysis will expand on attached draft by adding 10 pages, developing remaining dimensions of the project by making revisions.

This may require the completion of additional research and the preparation of additional materials to address unresolved dimensions of the analysis. Revise, reformulate, and adapt the material as needed in order to submit a paper that fully complies with the project expectations.

The final Policy Analysis should be approximately 20 pages in length, excluding title page, abstract, and reference list.
All formatting, references, and citations should conform to APA guidelines.

Use headers and sub-headers to organize your analysis. Suggested sections of the project include:
Introduction (statement of the issue).
Analysis of the policy’s historical development.
Analysis of the social, political, legal, and economic forces that influenced the development and emergence of the policy.
Identification and analysis of the policy’s current outcomes and unanticipated consequences.
Evaluation of research assessing the policy’s current outcomes and unanticipated consequences.
Description of policy improvements or enhancements.
Description and evaluation of the research methods used to assess the outcomes of your proposed modifications.
Conclusion or summary.
Carefully proofread your work to avoid excessive errors (typos, issues with grammar, run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, and so on).

The analysis should use a minimum of 15 resources, at least ten of which much be peer-reviewed research articles.



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