Playing Field

Question 1

please select one of the two prompts to address, and then respond to someone that chose the opposite prompt that you addressed.


Inequalities have existed since the beginning of time. Our society seems to place a tremendous amount of effort into promoting a more equal society by “leveling” the playing field. Identify and critique strategies that you are aware of in your community that attempt to “level” the playing field and create equality of opportunities. Do you believe that inequality will always be a social problem? Do we still need programs such as Affirmative Action? Explain

Explain privilege as it relates to equality. Identify one area of privilege that you personally possess. Do you believe that privilege creates social problems? Does everyone have at least 1 type of privilege in our society? How would you assist a client in determining where they had some privilege?

Question 2

A short 3 page supplementary paper on lynchings of african americans and the national museum that was opened for them. There must be 5 references/ quotes from the article included in the writing!! This is a intro to africana studies class so it short and simple. Please have a provoking introduction that can capture the reader’s eye and focuses on the struggle of the african american people during this time period and how the damage is still seen today. is a summary mixed with your own opinions and incite. 

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