Planning, Decision Making, Information

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Planning, Decision Making, Information

In this assignment you are being asked to consider how you would go about making plans and decisions for your own life, specifically your eventual career. In many ways, your personal planning process may not be essentially different than the planning process that is used by organizations. Think about the following issues that have been discussed in class:

· Purpose/mission statement as the basis for planning and decision making.

· Importance of information in planning and decision making

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Five steps outlined for “how to make a plan that works” found in the planning power point and on page 94 in the textbook.

In relating this to your personal journey, as you reflect on your potential career/life choices, you might want to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What do I see as being my purpose/mission?

2. What kind of information do I need in order to plan for my career, and help me be successful at that career? Where are the sources of that information?

3. As I look ahead in life, am I working on defining my goals? What is my level of commitment to those goals? Do I have to build commitment with others in order to achieve my goals?

4. Am I developing any action plans?

5. If I currently have established goals, am I making any real progress toward these goals?

Is it possible that you currently don’t have any clear goals? If that is the case, what should you be doing? Look at questions 1-5 above. Could any of these questions help to clarify this for you?

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