Planned Expansion

This week’s assignment consists of envisioning a business idea and submitting a one page minimum paper in which you identify the business including its mission, vision, primary product or service, and describe a SWOT analysis relative to its planned expansion.

You are the owner and CEO of a business. Your business has eight locations. Each location has a location manager (who is the middle manager), a supervisor (who is the frontline level manager), and four employees. Your strategic goal for the business over the next five years is to expand into a new geographic region and to increase the number and types of products or services your business provides.

Choose a product or service that you would like your business to primarily provide. Compose a paper that begins by identifying the business type, stating your primary vision and mission for this business, and briefly describe (in one paragraph or less) the product or service your business provides to its customers.

Then, referring to your assigned readings and other classroom preparatory materials regarding SWOT analysis, type a paper of at least one full double-spaced page, describing at least one potential strength, one potential weakness, one potential opportunity, and one potential threat that could influence or affect your strategic goal of expanding your business over the next five years.

Write your Assignment in paragraph form, using Microsoft Word. Your document should be at least 1 double-spaced page in length, using size 12-point type size. This Assignment should be free of spelling and punctuation errors.

Submission Instructions:

Draft your Assignment paper at least 1 double-spaced page in length, using size 12 point font in MS Word format. Be sure your paper is well written in paragraph form, with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Be sure to name your file according to the file-naming convention.

Submit to the Unit 3 Assignment Dropbox.

For additional help submitting to the Dropbox, please see the Dropbox Guide under Academic Tools.

This Assignment addresses the following unit outcome:

  • Interpret the elements of a basic SWOT analysis.

Journal Details

One of the ways that we often use personal writing is in communicating thoughts, concerns, ideas, and goals to those closest to us. In this journal, imagine that a friend, family member or personal acquaintance is thinking about returning to school to further his or her education or training.

Then, share what kind of personal document would be best for communicating this information. For example, would an email or a letter be more effective?

Once you have decided on a format, please write the personal document. What encouragement would you give him or her? Based on your own experience, what challenges might he or she face? What suggestions would you make about time management and setting goals?

In Units 3, 5, 7, and 9, you will practice your informal writing skills by writing in a Journal. Your Journal assignments will not only give you more experience with writing, but they will also offer you an opportunity to write without the stress often associated with formal projects. Journals become a way to connect course concepts to personal experiences, a place to process how things are going for you in the course, and a way to de-stress!

  • As long as your response is on topic and submitted on time, you will receive 10 points for each Journal submission.
  • Your Journal entries will only be read by your instructor, so think of them as being informal pieces of writing that are intended for you to express yourself and share ideas with your instructor who will provide you feedback on your Journal to encourage your growth as a writer.

CM107 Journal Rubric

CREDIT (10 Points) Journal is submitted on time and responds to the specific topic in a well-developed paragraph.

NO CREDIT (0 Points) Journal assignment is not submitted or it may not respond to the specific topic or may be so brief that it does not develop or clarify ideas.

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