Physiological Arousal


Please respond to each question below. Remember to cite sources.

1. What are some activities that can maintain a positive mood and reduce a negative mood? For example, does being with friends, viewing a comedy, or exercising reduce your negative mood and increase your positive mood?

2. Reflect on the physiological arousal you have experienced during an intense emotion. How did that arousal affect you? Did it provide information about the quality or intensity of the emotion? Or was the arousal merely your body’s preparation for action?


Nick Cave Sound Suits 

Watch the brief video on Nick Cave’s Sound Suits and read the article on his work.  Then, consider and respond to the following questions:

* What is your initial response when you see his Sound Suit pieces?  How do they make you feel?  What do they make you think of or consider?

* Which of our two course lenses do you think is best represented by these pieces?  Is one more apparent than the other?  Which one?  How does the art demonstrate the lens? 

* Art is about asking questions….if you were to sit down with the artist, identify 3 questions that you would want to ask him.

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