Physical Activity and Sports Policy

Choose an underrepresented population group in sport. Examine and discuss potential enablers/motivations; benefits; and barriers; of their participation in community sport.
Use relevant academic (journal articles/books) and non-academic (e.g. previous and current sport policies, industry reports, appropriate news articles and high quality websites) literature to explore the enablers/motivators; benefits; and barriers of participation for your chosen underrepresented population group
Discuss how current DCMS and Sport England policies can influence sport participation
‘Examine and discuss’ means to use evidence (taken from a wide range of appropriate academic and non- academic sources) to explore why your chosen group may be underrepresented in sport (i.e. why might they face barriers) and what enablers/motivators might help them participate and what benefits they may be
able to derive from participating in sport
In your 1500 words, include one case study example of sport projects/initiatives that target this
underrepresented population group (find the case studies in academic or high quality non-academic
In addition to the 1500 word essay, you need to include an appendix, demonstrating how the Socio-
Ecological Model can help to understand what can influence participation. For this appendix, show how the Socio-Ecological Model can influence EITHER enablers/motivators, benefits or barriers for your underrepresented population group. For example, if you choose barriers for your underrepresented group, detail some of the individual, interpersonal, organisational, community and public policy barriers that may influence their participation (you can gain this information from journal articles, appropriate non-academic sources and your own personal knowledge). This can be presented in a diagram/table. Then write a short paragraph (in the same appendix) giving one or two examples of how these factors may influence each other. For example, how a social barrier may influence an individual barrier.

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