Personal Values in Budgeting

For this assignment, I want you to get a sense of the challenges that Congress faces when trying to come up with a budget. To do that, you will use the tool available from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. This Committee is a non-profit, conservative advocacy group that focuses on the federal budget. The tool is designed to focus on reducing the national debt. That is one goal among many. I’m not asking you to focus on that. Instead, as you go through the budget tool, I want you think about the trade offs between revenue (taxes) and spending on programs that people want and need (military, education, health care).

After you complete the tool, answer the following questions:

1- How hard was it to make the choices you made as you go through the tool?

2- Were you able to achieve all your goals?

3- What was one or two specific choices you had to make that were harder and how did you decide?

4- What role do you think personal values play in the budget process?

The link for the tool is here:

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