Personal Training

Question 1

  • Incorporate personal training into nutrition and diet
  • Chose your favorite sport and from there pick your favorite player

o  Create a breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan for them

o  Include and explain carbs, protein and fat and in what way it’ll assist them in their everyday routines

o  Also include the necessary vitamins and minerals that you feel will help benefit them most

  • Explain to your client one of the pathways to energy and how the body processes it (carbs to glucose, fats and triglycerides or protein and amino acids)
  • Name six strategies for better eating for your client
  • Explain how important it is to stay hydrated as well as their recommended daily water intake
  • Include the guidelines for fluid replacement and exercise
  • Name a supplement that you believe will assist and enhance their performance

Question 2

This week’s readings pose the following relationships among morality, ethics, law, and crime. Morality is about basic principles, and ethics is the application of those principles to guide human behavior. Crime is defined by law. Law is established by morality, ethics, and politics. Politics is about power relationships.

Search the Internet to find an example of an activity or situation that represents a network security problem, crime, or ethical issue related to the use of technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Apply what you have learned from the Modules 2 and 3 materials to describe the relationships among morality, ethics, law, and crime in the case that you have found. With respect to your example, how do morals, ethics, and law intersect? What tensions or conflicts do you identify among the three realms?

Support your statements with logic and argument. Your initial post must be supported by at least two credible, academic or professional sources. Post your initial response early and check back often to continue the discussion. Be sure to respond to your peers’ posts as well.

The Changing Nature of Cybercrime” presented in Chapter One in Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics (4th ed.) Chapter 3

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