Personal Security Agencies


1. What is a protective detail and what are the primary responsibilities? What are the first steps of providing a protective detail? Give an example of the client or source of a protection detail.

2. What does protective intelligence consist of and who is responsible for this action? Give an example of how intelligence can improve physical or personal protection details.

3. With regards to physical and personal protection, why is it important to maintain an emergency response plan? Offer an example to illustrate your point.

4. Consider various situations that could create problems for the personal protection agent, such as hijacking, kidnapping, hostage taking, and bomb threats. As an agent hired to protect a principal, describe the steps you would take to overcome one of these crisis situations.

5. When and why was the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) created? What is its mission? Name a few agencies that are associated with DHS. What do you believe is the most challenging issue the Department of Homeland Security faces?

6. How has the war on terrorism changed the mission of law enforcement and personal security agencies? What are some of the challenges these agencies face in successfully carrying out their new responsibilities?


How will the lessons from this term influence your individual perspective on yourself, organizational performance, models, and so forth? What key aspects will you add to your “toolbox”? Be specific in both the aspects and in how you envision employing each.



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