Perpetual Inventory System

Question 1

Use the table below to distinguish between the perpetual inventory system and the periodic inventory system by entering the following transactions for May 2018 according to the requirements of each

Screenshot from 2018-10-11 17-49-16

Question 2

An information security manager routinely monitored Web surfing among her company’s employees. She discovered that many employees were visiting the “sinful six” Web sites. (Note: The “sinful six” are websites with material related to pornography, gambling, hate, illegal activities, tastelessness, and violence). She then prepared a list of the employees and their surfing histories and gave the list to management. Some managers punished their employees. Some employees, in turn, objected to the monitoring, claiming that they should have a right to privacy.

a. Is monitoring of Web surfing by managers ethical (It is legal.) Support your answer.

b. Is punishing the abuses ethical? Why or why not? If yes, then what types of punishment are acceptable?

c. What should the company do in this situation?

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