Permissive Teaching Style

Question 1

Write a letter as if you were the parent of a teenager addressed to the superintendent of schools where your child attends. Make the evidence-based argument in your letter based on sleep research and teens that your teen’s school should begin at a later time than it does.

Question 2

1. What is the difference between the uninvolved teaching style and the permissive teaching style? Do you believe there is a place for both?

2. What is the relationship between concept development and semantic knowledge? Provide examples to support the connection.

3. Infants are able to use gestures to communicate way before they are able to speak prompting the growing trend of teaching sign language to children at a very young age. What are the pros and cons to this?

4. How can chanting help young children develop early literacy? Give examples.

Question 3

Essay Question: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having children. Which do you think are the strongest reasons for having children? Which do you think are the strongest reasons for not having children?

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