Performance Outcomes

Question 1

Today’s supply chains need to be integrated into the overall business plan to ensure it meets the needs of the company and contributes to the strategy set forth by the company.

Prepare a 10- to 15-slide visual presentation with speaker notes that addresses the following:

  • Describe how supply chain integration can be achieved
  • Explain integration and supply chain management
  • Show cross-functional aspects of integration
  • Explain the difficulty in integrating and general methods for overcoming conflict within integration
  • Identify the demand and supply integration journey stages of maturity
  • Show managerial implications – Integrated Knowledge Sharing, Strategic Resource Allocation, Capacity and Demand Balance and Performance Outcomes

Question 2

Write a 200-250 word response to the following:

Your Learning Team represents a newly formed logistics department at a plastic manufacturing company. The company is currently underperforming with on-time deliveries. The Hangzhou, China location is consistently under 93%. The company goal is to be at or above 96% on-time deliveries. It has been discovered China is not forecasting and the demand is driving the service levels down. The company president has challenged the Logistics Team to improve the on-time deliveries from 93% on average to 96% on average at the Hangzhou, China location.

  • Analyze the impact on the organization of forecasting and inventory strategies from both a manufacturing and service perspective.

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