Performance Management

  1. Explain performance management– 5 marks
  2. Define and explain KRA-KPI – 5 marks
  3. Difference between KRA and traditional PA system (table to show difference) – 10 marks
  •  Real-time vs yearly
  •  Time system, evident based, no subjectivity vs subjectivity
  •  Actual achievement vs individualistic
  •  Rewards, recognitions vs incentive & bonus
  •  Measureable based on SMART vs subjective measure
  •  Holistic vs individualistic.
  1. Pitfalls or disadvantages of traditional PA system (5 point) – 10 marks
  •  Bias
  •  Unfair
  •  Recent effect
  •  Not transparent
  •  Stereotype / HALO effect
  1. How KRA-KPI system can overcome the pitfall of traditional PA system – (5 reason) 10 marks
  •  Openness and transparency
  •  Total evident base
  •  Consistent and on-going
  •  Top down alignment with performance and goal. Bottom up objective measurement for individual employee.
  1. How companies can switch from traditional PA to KRA-KPI system – 10 marks
  •  Use a flow chart to show.

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