People Oriented Industry

Social Justice Written Assignment

As a people oriented industry, social justice is a major topic of concern that strongly impacts tourism, hospitality, event management, and sport management. This is a topic that deserves a great amount of attention, which unfortunately we can only dedicate a week of time to. This assignment will allow each of you to look more closely at a specific example of social justice within your area of interest.

For this assignment you will need to identify and address a specific social justice issue and event that is relevant to your area of interest in STHM. You will then produce a paper that will include the following:

  • Your area of interest in STHM or the business world
  • Describe the event in detail and what specific social justice issue it addresses
    • Provide details about this general social justice issue and its history as it relates to your specific event.
  • Articulate in detail how this issue and event specifically impacts your area of interest
  • Hypothesize about the potential broader impacts of this event and issue that may ensue outside of your area of interest

The Paper

This paper will be turned in via blackboard. Remember, this should be your own original work The paper should be 2-3 pages double spaced, and follow the formatting specification that are found in the course syllabus. You are required to use at least three outside sources to support your claims. Make sure to cite correctly in your paper and provide a works cited page.Please ensure that your paper is free of grammatical errors.

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