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Question 1:

What are some of the things will do or already have started doing to help practice your critical thinking skills?  How has this practice changed your thinking over these nine weeks?

Questio 2

What is important is to remember is that much like our own egocentric thinking, there are reasons behind it and we should be open minded and be empathetic.  Knowing what you know now, are there people in your past (or even present) that fit this description?  Does knowing this change the way you view your interactions with them and how you could deal with them moving forward?  Why?

Queston 3

This video reviews six skills of critical thinking.

Watch “Components of Critical Thinking: Evaluation,” (1 min. 39 sec.) located on this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings page.

Think about the following question as you watch the video:

Dwight Dewerth-Pallmeyer, (2006). Components of Critical Thinking: Evaluation (01:39) [Video file]. Films on Demand.

What skill or skills covered in this video can help you as you work on becoming a more advanced thinker?


his course will explore the impact of computers and technology on business and work, apply theory to case studies, research software to solve business problems, discuss the ethics of business systems, and explore the role of innovation performance.” What part of this class do you think will be the most challenging? What strategies have you developed to help overcome these issues? 300 words

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