Patient Wellness


3-2 Milestone One: Data Extraction

Milestones 1 and 2 become part of the final project. (Do not include Milestone 1 in Milestone 2). There is a video with a script explaining the final project in the announcements. Reviewing the video was required in Module 1.

First off, Milestone 1 is a slide presentation, therefore, please do not submit a Word document! Review the Guidelines for Submission on page 2 for further details such as how many slides are needed, etc. and follow those directions. Use APA format for use of any published sources cited in the slides. Donot list the SNHU Scenario as a source since it is not a published document.

Please use a light-colored background so the text will be easily read.

I highly recommend that your slides contain a heading as listed in the Critical Elements section of the rubric: Introduction: Goals or Introduction: Existing Process and so forth. Set up the slides and begin adding data.

Strive to meet the Proficient column of the rubric to earn maximum points. Compare this column against the other two columns. Does your work contain all the items listed for each element?

Please do not crowd the slides with text. Rule of thumb is to use no more than 9 lines of text per body of the slide. Go easy on use of graphics if you include them. There is no limit to the number of slides used, however, please stick as close to the minimum requirement as possible. Use bullets and then elaborate on the slide in further detail in the speaker notes.

That’s right, be sure to include speaker notes! This is easy to do! Speaker notes appear below a slide. Speakers refer to them during live presentations to discuss their slides. These are not audible notes. “Google” speaker notes if needed.

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