Patent Protection

Question 1

After reading these articles:

  • Explain how a patent creates a kind of monopoly and what benefits a patent conveys to the owner.
  • Explain what happens in a market when patent protection for a technology runs out.
  • Explain the effects of pay-for-delay actions on producers and consumers.
  • Discuss whether pay-for-delay tactics should no longer be allowed, or should continue.Be sure to support your conclusion using economic arguments.

Question 2

The topic: Federal Reserve System

Students are expected to write a 8-page paper on a current banking or currency issue. Including the 8 items below:

1. Title page, with a hypothesis-themed title,

2. Hypothesis within the introduction paragraph,

3. Well-defined body portion of the paper,

4. Conclusion

5. Reference page ( minimum 4 )

6. Table of contents

7. Page number

8. Normal font and Margins

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