Partnership Roles

Question 1

There are two tasks needed to be completed: 

Go to and familiarize yourself with this site. Many of us have used this site or one similar. How does Amazon illustrate the concepts discussed in Chapter 1?

It is apparent that the company continues to reinvent itself, from a book seller to major retail platform now a competitor to Netflix!

In what ways can Amazon continue to use SCM to keep their competitive edge? What ‘Trends in SCM’ should Amazon be attentive to and why? Be creative!

2 pages. Single spaced.


Find an example of a company whose product you like. Identify its business strategy and its supply chain strategy. Explain whether or not the supply chain strategy supports the business strategy.

1 Page. Single spaced.

Question 2

In a essay of at least 1000 words, discuss at least 3 major challenges of a port logistics city. What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of implementing a trans-loading and/or cross-docking strategy? In your opinion, will a trans-loading strategy work in other port logistics cities? If not, why not?

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