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Globalization refers to exclude barriers to make the ow of people, materials, information and knowledge globally not to some specic area or region. In enterprise boundaries getting a business going requires a number of skills and resources, usually commensurate with the size of the business. Some of these skills are core to the business, others are supportive but are also essentialLooking into the dierent organizations most of them are growing through global trade. In dierent nations the gross domestic product attributed to imports and exports are tremendous which really help to make their economy stronger.Enterprises are competing in global market with respect to quality, performance, quality and speed. Let’s take example of ford which is competing against the foreign brands Korea, Germany, Japan and some others. In 2008 Ford taken the market share of 15.2 percent compared with Toyota whose share was 16.4 percent. Most of the sales are outside the North America and it raises a question that they have tremendous structure of using the concept of globalization. And Ford is an example of a multinational corporation.

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